About us


Tapas Spanish Café has been serving a selection of distinctive dishes of our Latin-American cuisine for over 15 years.

Since its opening, back in 2000, Tapas has been true to its tradition of honest and tasty food, that is freshly made to order.

Today, with new management , Tapas keep committed to serve our loyal clientele the best Latin-American dishes, as well as our old favorites recipes that made Tapas famous for, always with the best quality, friendly service, and cleanliness you can trust.

Come and visit us, and taste all the rich flavors of our freshly made meals. Please ask for our new lunch platters, like Mofongo or our Carne Frita, and please do not miss out our new daily specials... Very soon...

We are glad to served you Monday to Wednesday from 7:00am to 2:30pm, and Thursday to Friday from 6:30am to 2:30pm.